Salmon catch statistics

The latest catch statistics show that the salmon fishing is now gaining strength in most rivers this summer. River Flókadalsá draws special attention, but from 18th – 30th of June,  87 salmon were caught there on only three rods. Not unlike fishing as in the summer of 2013 when there was a record fishing in the river. 

River Norðurá is similar to last summer with 206 salmon caught in the period of June 6th – 30th. River Haffjarðará is doing well with 123 salmon caught, but they were 92 at the same time last summer. In River Miðfjarðará 68 salmon had been landed on the 30th of June, but last summer they were 65. River Laxá in Kjós is much better with 58 salmon on June 30th, but they were only 35 at the same time last year  

The rivers Grímsá, West-Rangá and Stóra-Laxá were all registered with 54 salmon caught on the 30th of June. Only 16 salmon had been caught at the same time last summer in river Grímsá and only 10 salmon in river West Rangá. 

River Hítará had 43 salmon caught, river Blanda 40, Laxá in Aðaldal 36, river Langá 32 and Víðidalsá 30. 


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