Salmon season coming to an end

The fishing season is now over in many salmon rivers.The result is hardly that  impressive and only acceptable in a few rivers. Miðfjarðará is now number three on the list of the top rivers and in fact number one over natural salmon rivers. The last days in Vopnafjörður rivers, Selá and Hofsá, were productive and they both made it to the top 10 list. 

Just over 1000 salmon have been caught in river Langá, which is on the list and river Affallið made it into the top ten list with a hundred salmon week and it is likely that it will go higher on the list.That would leave Urriðafoss in 10th place, at least for a while. 

The rivers Þverá/Kjarrá and Norðurá sit in the 4th and 5th places of the list. The salmon smolt “raised” rivers West & East Rangá sit on the top of the list and there is still almost a month left.

It will be interested to see if the final weeks bring rivers like Laxá in Kjós, Stóra – Laxá and Laxá in Dölum to the top list

1. West – Rangá and river Hóls­á 4.442 (3.082) – last week 209

2. East – Rangá 3.412 (2.886) – last week 221

3. Miðfjarðará 1.474 (1.796) – last week 81

4. Þverá/​Kjar­rá  1.414 – waiting for final numbers

5. Norðurá 1348 (1.431) – Final numbers

6. Hofsá 1.211 (601) – last week 66

7. Selá 1.164 (764) – last week 47 

8. Langá  1.038 (785) – last week 78

9. Urriðafoss 983 – New numbers are missing

10. Affallið 870 – last week 100 

Picture/ Falur

News taken fromðaköst