Good to know

About Veiðiheimar 

Veiðiheimar website was launched in 2021 in Icelandic and close to a year later in English. It is intended to provide anglers with information on fishing opportunities in Iceland. There are  information pages for about 420 fishing areas. We do not lease any rivers or sell any licenses. 

Veiðiheimar provides you with the latest news, information on the species that can be caught, equipment to use, flies, catch statistics, fishing seasons for rivers, the main fishing clubs, videos and much more.  

We have plans to expand our service, and the next step is to offer some essential accessories such as flies, fly boxes and possibly leaders. For the summer of 2023 we plan to offer guided tours in both the south and north of Iceland.  

Covid testing moved at Keflavik airport 

The Covid-19 screening center of the health authorities at Keflavík Airport and the certificate inspection of the border police have been moved from the border hall and from the first floor of the south building of Leif Eiríksson Air Terminal to a new facility in the parking lot outside the airport hall and inside the arrivals hall.

The new facility is divided into two sections: Covid certificate inspection and screening for Covid.

The certificate inspection by the police takes place in the arrivals hall where special check-in desks have been set up.

The Covid-19 screening (managed by the health authorities) takes place in nine container buildings that are in the short-term car park outside the arrivals hall in Leif Eiríksson Air Terminal at Keflavik Airport.

Traveling with fishing tackle 

All anglers traveling to Iceland need to have their fishing tackle disinfected either before or upon arrival to Iceland.There is a disinfecting service at Keflavik airport, but this requires you to unpack your fishing tackle when going through customs and can be time consuming. To avoid this, we strongly recommend you have your tackle disinfected by a veterinarian before departure. The rules required you to seal most of the equipment and provide a signed certificate from the veterinarian that lists the tackle that has been disinfected. You may be asked to show the certificate upon arrival.

Each angler needs to decide how many flies he wants to bring to Iceland but bear in mind that flies must be disinfected and this may cause older hooks to rust. We recommend the use of newly made flies or buying the most popular Icelandic patterns when you arrive.

The disinfection rules are intended to ensure that our rivers remain unspoiled and clean. Please abide by them!

Flights and getting around 

The quickest way to find a convenient flight to Iceland is to use Dohop. The largest airline with the most choices of flights is Icelandair, with about 55 routes. New for 2022 is the option of a direct flight to Akureyri from London Stansted and Copenhagen with the airline Niceair. This enables anglers to get to the fishing paradise that northern Iceland has to offer much more easily. 

From Keflavik airport to the domestic airport in Reykjavík is about a 40 minutes drive. Traveling by a bus takes about an hour. The domestic airport in Reykjavik offers flights to Akureyri, Ísafjörður and Egilsstaðir. All of these flights take about an hour.  

Renting a car for your whole fishing adventure is straightforward and many of the best rivers in the southern part of Iceland are within 3 hours’ drive of Keflavik airport. If the plan is to fish a river in other areas of Iceland, you can expect enjoyable driving with little traffic and spectacular scenery to enjoy. Those who have purchased the services of a guide do not have to worry about getting around as the guides generally drive their clients.  

Everyone is welcome to contact us if they need help planning their trip. It is our wish that each angler enjoys its stay to the fullest.