Arnarvatnsheiði – south part

West Iceland
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Fishing season

10 June – 20 September


Baits allowed

Flies, Worms, Spinner

Fishing limits

No quota

Accomodation options

Fishing cabin


Not available


For beginners, Family friendly, Requires permission, Only 4×4 cars

Price range for fishing rods

For the full day
10000 ISK to 10000 ISK

What can be fished


Fishing in Arnarvatnsheiði has certainly gained popularity in recent years. The lakes on the heath are numerous and varied and despite all modern technology and with improved transportation, there are still unexplored areas in many parts of the heath. The lakes at Arnarvatnsheiði have both brown trout and Arctic char and the same species can also be found in rivers and streams. In general, the char in the lakes are around 1 – 3 pounds, with the trout around 2 – 5 pounds. The heath provides abundant food for fish, mainly black flies and midges. The flies seem to bite people rather selectively, with some anglers barely aware of the flies while others are bitten and the bites swell.

Accommodation & Facilities

Fishing cabin

The Angling club of Arnarvatnsheiði rents out the following accommodation options:

Fishing cabin by Arnarvatn Litla

Úlfvatns Cabin

Cabin by Úlfsvatn (8 people)

Cabin by Úlfsvatn (4 people)


The house(s) should be ready for the next guests at 5 pm on the day of departure and then the exchange usually takes place, but if people choose to leave earlier, the next party may arrive earlier. Keys are handed over to people in the restaurant by Hraunfossar. If people apply for fishing permits and accommodation, they must show a receipt before being given the keys.

Fishing rules

Half days are not sold, i.e., fishing licenses are not divided between days. Each permit is subject to a date, a total of 24 hours. It should be clearly stated that each fishing permit is only valid for one rod, so-called “lazy fishing” is not permitted.

  • Anglers are asked not to drive outside marked or trodden tracks
  • Be tidy in the camping area and at the lake side and take all rubbish away.
  • Anglers are obliged to carry their fishing permit while fishing and show it to the fishing guard if asked.
  • If dogs are brought along, keep them on a leash, dogs running free will not be tolerated

Refsveina and Stóralón is fly fishing only and all fish shall be relized 

NOTE It is strictly forbidden to carry firearms in the fishing area! Off-road motorcycles and ATVs are encouraged.


The following lakes belong to the fishing club of Arnarvatnsheiði:

The following lakes belong to the fishing club of Arnarvatnsheiði:

Stóralón, Arnarvatn litla, both Arfavötnin, Ólafsvatn, Veiðitjörn, Leggjabrjótstjarnir, Mordísarvatn, Krummavatn, Jónsvatn, Krókavatn, Núpatjörn, Þorgeirsvatn, Þorvaldsvötn, Hlíðarvatn, Þórhallarlón, Strípalón, Hávaðavötn, Úlfsvatn, Grunnuvötn, Syðra-Kvíslavatn, Gunnarssonavatn, Djúpalón, Álftavötn, Kaldalón og Nautavatn.

The company also covers all fishable rivers and streams that flow into the lakes or connect them as well as those lakes and ponds where there are fish or fish breeding is possible in the community area. It should be noted that to get to the south side of Arnarvatnsheiði, one either has to cross a ford on Norðlingafljót, which is only accessible by jeep, or use a bridge that was built in 2019. If the bridge is used, it is difficult to get to Úlfsvatn, so anglers are advised to drive a good quality jeep if they plan to travel that way. It is easier to get further north and into lakes like Núpatjörn.

Western part of the fishing area: Map

Eastern part of the fishing area: Map

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Nearest cities

Borgarnes: 97 km, Reykjavík: 160 km, Selfoss: 202 km and Akureyri: 343 km


The waterfalls Barnafoss & Hraunfossar, Húsafell, the caves Víðgelmir and Surtshellir.

About the fishing license


24 hours


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