Fljótavatn in Fljótavík

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Fishing season

01 June – 15 September


Baits allowed

Flies, Worms, Spinner

Fishing limits

No quota


Not available


For beginners, Easy access, Requires permission, Only by foot

What can be fished


Lake Fljótavatn is in North-Ísafjarðarsýsla (county), more specifically in Fljótavík at Hornströndum. It is 3.9 km², rather shallow and 1 m above sea level. The rivers Bæjará, Svíná, Hvanná, Reyðá and a number of streams flow into it, but the outlet is through an estuary that is attributed to Atlastaðir.  In Fljótavík there is a lot of char fishing, both in the estuary, the lake and the rivers that flow into the lake. In lake Fljótavatn both sea-run char and lake char are caught. The sea-run char are redder in the flesh and tastier. Brown trout are also caught in the lake and some sea trout, but they are usually rather small. The fishing is best in the lake in June and July, and in August the River Reiðá is often full of char. 

There is no road connection and access is by sea. It is possible to land small aircraft on the sandy beach.

Fishing rules

Permits are only granted by landowners who are in the area during the summer. Anglers are allowed to catch fish for food and are asked to fish with moderation.


The fishing area is the entire lake and the streams that flow into it

Services nearby

Nearest cities

It is only possible to get to Fljótavík by boat, from the town Ísafjörður

Nearby airports

Ísafjörður airport


Hesteyri, Aðalvík, Hælavík and Hornvík.

Other services

Borea – Boat tours: boreaadventures.com


About the fishing license

Landowners: Herborg t: +354 456-3157, Jósef t: +354 456-3719, Helgi t: 354 853-1186




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