Northwest Iceland
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Fishing season

01 June – 15 September


Baits allowed

Flies, Worms
Fishing rod

Maximum fishing rods

8 rods

Fishing limits

3 fish per rod/day

Accomodation options

Fishing cabin


Not available


Requires permission, Only 4×4 cars

Price range for fishing rods

For the full day
8000 ISK to 8000 ISK

What can be fished


At Grímstunguheiði (heath) anglers can find very varied and fun fishing opportunities. The total length of the river basin in the heath is just over 200 km. The upper part of Vatnsdalsá is the largest body of water and the largest fish are often caught there. Vatnsdalsá can be fished above the waterfall series Rjúkandi, Kerafoss and Skínanda. In the tributaries that form Vatnsdalsá it is also possible to enjoy good fishing, especially in Strangakvísl. Fish can also be found in the streams Þjófakvísl, Miðkvísl and Kolkukvísl. The lakes Refkelsvatn, Galtavatn and Þórarinsvatn also often provide good fishing. The fish in the lakes are healthy, with an average weight of 2.5-3 pounds. There are many other lakes in the heath and are fish in most of them.

Accommodation & Facilities

Fishing cabin

Fishing permits include accommodation in Öldumóðuskáli (cabin) the night before fishing. The hut is heated with gas. There are gas hobs and running water in the kitchen and toilet. There are twelve bunk beds in the cabin and one bed is included with each sold permit. Anglers should bring their own toilet paper, cloths for cleaning, dishwashing liquid, sleeping bags and more. In the hut you can find pots, pans, cups, glasses, cutlery, plates, and bowls. A charcoal grill is on site and people need to bring their own charcoal if they are to use it. There is a small generator near the house that can be used to power electric heaters in the house and charge small electrical appliances. The generator is petrol-powered, and anglers must bring petrol cans if they are to use it.

Note: please inform us if the gas is running out and we kindly ask for all users to be tidy and clean the hut after their stay.


The fishing area: Vatnsdalsá above the waterfall, the sources of Vatnsdalsá, f.ex. Strangakvísl, Þjófakvísl, Miðkvísl og Kolukvísl. The lakes: Refkelsvatn, Galtavatn and Þórarinsvatn.

From Reykjavík, drive north on highway 1 until you reach River Vatnsdalsá. Drive over the river and then take a turn into Vatnsdalsvegur (No. 722). The whole of Vatnsdalur is driven east of Vatnsdalsá until you reach river Álftaskálará. Just before reaching there, a road can be seen that goes up the mountain and into Grímstunguheiði. That road is driven until Öldumóðuskáli is reached.

There is a good road to Öldumóðuskáli. However, the trails from the hut to the lake area are not good and require 33″ tires. Anglers drive the trails at their own risk. All off-road driving is prohibited.

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Nearest cities

Blönduós: 76 km, Akureyri: 172 km, Reykjavík: 307 km ans Reykjanesbær: 347 km

About the fishing license

IO – Grímstunguheiði

[email protected] t: (+354) 466-2680 & 855-2681


Morning shift

07:00 – 13:00

Evening shift

15:00 – 21:00


Northwest Iceland

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