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River Rangá comes from a lake called Sandvatn and runs into Lagarfljót. Brown trout can be found in the upper part – the river here is rather small. In the lower part of the river, there were considerable numbers of char in previous years, and where it flows into Lagarfljót the fishing was often very good. Now is a different story, as the fishing is said to have been spoiled during the power plant construction at Kárahnjúkar. Rangá is fishable up to a waterfall that is not far from the farm Skóghlíð. There it flows into a gorge, where fishing pools can be found but they are difficult to reach. About 3km below the waterfall the river takes a sharp bend to the northeast and there is a good chance of fish. From there it is 7 – 8 km down to Lagarfljót. Somewhat below the bridge over the highway there are a few nice fishing spots. The best known, Árkrókur, is where the creek Merkjalækur runs into Rangá. The best fishing is in the midsummer and into the autumn, if the water level is good.


The fishing area is about 11 km long, from Lagarfljót and up to a waterfall by Fjármelar (close to Skóghlíð).

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Egilsstaðir: 12 km


It is only 7 km to Vök, the natural baths by Lake Urriðavatn, +354 470-9500, vok-baths.is/

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Flúðir in Hróarstungu t: (+354) 471-1917 / 894-5917 and in Skógargerði t: +354 471-1935



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