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Fishing season

01 June – 31 August


Baits allowed

Flies, Worms, Spinner

Fishing limits

No quota


Not available


For beginners, Family friendly, Easy access, Requires permission

Price range for fishing rods

For the full day
9900 ISK to 9899 ISK

What can be fished


Lake Skriðuvatn is at the top of Skriðdalur in S-Múlasýsla, is about 1.25 km² in size, deepest about 10 m, and lies at 155 m above sea level. The rivers Öxará, Forvaðará and Vatnsdalsá flow into the lake and from Skriðuvatn falls river Múlaá, which joins river Geitdalsá from Norðurdalur and after that the river is called Grímsá. There are quite a lot of good brown trout in Skriðuvatn, up to 5-pounds in weight. Arctic char is also caught there. It is preferable to fish with a fly in a lagoon that falls from the lake and into the river Múlaá.

Accommodation & Facilities


Members of the Fishing card can camp free of charge in Vatnsskógur

Fishing rules

Holders of the Fishing Card can go straight to fishing but must have the Fishing Card on hand to show the fishing guard when he visits the anglers. One child under 13th fishes for free, with an adult that has a fishing permit or shows the Fishing Card. Only angling is allowed from the banks.


The lake area, in question, is Skriðuvatn on the east side of Vatnsskógur land. This is the area where Skriðuvatn falls into Múlaá and all the shores of the lake to the east, all the way to Öxará. There is also fishing rights in the eastern part of Múlaá, from the source of the river, and 250 m down the river up to the marked border posts. It is also allowed to fish in Öxará on the east side where the river falls into Skriðuvatn and up the river.

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Nearest cities

Egilsstaðir: 40 km, Höfn í Hornarfirði: 148 km, Húsavík: 256 km, Akureyri: 285 km and Reykjavík: 596 km.


Hallormsstaðaskógur (forest): 41 km, Hengifoss waterfall: 52 km, Skriðuklaustur: 55 km, Wilderness Center: 71 km and Vök baths: 43 km

About the fishing license

Skriðuvatn is a part of the Fishing Card

Supervision: Hugrún Sveinsdóttir, Haugum I t: +354 892-7813



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