Vatnsdalsá – trout beat

Northwest Iceland

Fishing season

15 May – 10 September


Baits allowed

Fishing rod

Maximum fishing rods

10 rods

Fishing limits

No quota

Accomodation options

Angling lodge


Not available


Family friendly, Easy access, Requires permission

Price range for fishing rods

For the full day
17000 ISK to 22000 ISK


The trout-beat in Vatnsdalsá has over the years been a very popular fishing area. Every year, up to three thousand Arctic char and sea trout are caught there, but there are also prospects for salmon fishing. The fish in Vatnsdalsá can be up to 5 lbs and there are examples of bigger fish. The char is smaller, often about 1-2 lbs. Tides occur in Húnavatn and then there is the best opportunity for good fishing. The small river Giljá is included in the fishing area at Vatnsdalsá, but there one can get char and sea trout in the estuary area and salmon are often found further up the river. One of the Icelandic Sagas took place in Vatnsdalur and here it is appropriate to mention that the old settler Ingimundur was killed in a dispute over-fishing rights. In memory of Ingimundur and his family, the society of Húnvetningar in Reykjavík has planted a grove of trees and named it after Þórdís, the daughter of old Ingimundur. The river is fished 3 days at a time, from noon to noon. An average catch is 2500 fish each year.

Accommodation & Facilities

Angling lodge

Accommodation in a good fishing house, Steinkot, is included in the fishing permits. The house is located east of the Flóð in Vatnsdalur. Around 20 people can sleep comfortably, and all facilities are excellent. Anglers are asked to wash dishes and wipe all tables before departure, but not to do a full clean.


The upper beat is above the Flóð and extends to Undirfell. The lower beat is below the bridge on highway one, Hnausabrú. The small river Giljá is included in the fishing area, but it flows into the lake Hóp.

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Nearest cities

Blönduós: 18 km, Akureyri: 163 km and Reykjavík: about 230 km

Nearby airports

Akureyri airport: 165 km and Reykjavík airport: 230 km


Vatnsdalshólar, Hvítserkur, Borgarvirki og Kolagljúfur

About the fishing license

Björn K Rúnarsson t: +354 820-0446, [email protected]


Morning shift

07:00 – 13:00

Evening shift

16:00 – 22:00


Northwest Iceland

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