What are the hopes for next season?

As the year draws to a close, it is clear that this has been one of the worst salmon seasons ever in Iceland. However, it is difficult to determine the exact cause. It is still too early and unrealistic to solely attribute it to farmed salmon or the introduction of Humpback salmon in Icelandic rivers. It is more probable that other complex natural factors related to the sea are at play.

The brown trout fishing has been good in most locations, although there appears to be a lower presence of sea trout in many northern rivers. Natural changes have been beneficial for sea trout, and overfishing is minimal due to the common practice of catch and release. However, climate change has had a negative impact on sea char. The fishing of sea running char has been decreasing steadily over the years, but this summer there was a slight increase in several rivers. This could be attributed to favorable conditions, particularly in rivers that tend to have a colored appearance. Thankfully, they were catchable for several days in July thanks to favorable weather conditions.

Hopefully, next summer will bring us an increase in salmon runs and a pleasant experience on the river banks. There are numerous opportunities for brown trout fishing, and I also hope that the Arctic char population will recover successfully.

Happy New Year! We wanted to send our greetings from Veiðheimar and wish you all the best for your upcoming fishing adventures.

Image from Veiðiheimar: from the beat Laxá in Mývatnssveit