Popular Lakes

At Veiðiheimar, one can find information about the main fishing lakes in Iceland. Several of these lakes are highly popular and sought after, particularly the ones that provide services and accommodations. This is true for many of the lakes that are included with the purchase of the Fishing Card. The card is available for sale at most N1 petrol stations across the country, as well as fishing stores, and it is priced at 9900 ISK.

Fish Partner is a company that provides a Members Club, granting individuals access to numerous high-quality lakes across the country. If you plan on fishing in lakes, particularly those located in the highlands of Iceland, it is important to check the conditions beforehand. This includes verifying road accessibility and monitoring the weather conditions.

Here is a list of the top 10 lakes/lake clusters that have received the most attention at Veiðheimar in the past 6 months (click on names for information pages):

  1. Lake Apavatn  
  2. Lake Elliðavatn
  3. Lake Skorradalsvatn 
  4. Lake Reyðarvatn
  5. Lake Hafravatn 
  6. Arnarvatnsheiði – Northern part  (Lake cluster)
  7. Lake Heiðarvatn 
  8. Lake Hraunsvatn  (most likely due to it’s breathtaking surroundings)
  9. Veiðivötn (Lake cluster)
  10. Lake Hlíðarvatn  

The search of Icelandic anglers and tourists is the main reason for this list. However, it is useful for foreign tourists who want to try their luck at fishing in the Icelandic nature! 

Image: the breathtaking surroundings at Lake Hraunsvatn

A summary made by Veiðiheimar