A good weekend in river Minnivallalækur

A news from Þröstur, the owner of The Angling Service Strengir “A group of anglers who know Minnivallalækur well were fishing over the weekend and fished well. They caught 14 fish, the largest up to 70 cm and a few around and just over 60 cm. The trout was e.g. caught on Peacock and Bloodworm and was fairly scattered across the river. Some good  pictures from the group, but the fish were in good condition as one can see”

“In May, individual days are sold as the Fishing cabin Lækjamót is not ready for accommodation. In June, two great “slots” with a house are available. These are two-days, on June 6th – 8th and then a weekend on June 10th -13 th. Good time, as June is usually a popular month in Minnivallalækur” said Þröstur  

Picture/from the croup