A new contract for upper Laxá

The upper Laxá in Þingeyrjarsýsla is one of the better known trout areas and attracts many anglers. The Angling Club of Reykjavik recently signed a new contract with the fishing association of landowners. With the new contract, there will be some changes, but 12 rods will be fished in Laxárdal (there were 10 before), but the number of rods will remain the same in Mývatnssveit. At the same time, the fishing season in Laxárdalur will be shortened to August 15th, but will remain the same in Mývatnssveit. 

In the last few years, 12 fully equipped rooms have been built in Laxárdalur, with a bathroom and shower in each room. There are now ideas, on behalf of the fishing association for large-scale changes to the Hofi hunting lodge in Mývatnssveit. 

A conclusion of a new contract is usually accompanied by an increase in fishing permits. Anglers may also expect an increase in lodging. 


May 29th  – July 14th 59.000 IKR (members) / 73.750 IKR (full price)

July 14th – August 25th 55.000 IKR (members) / 68.750 IKR (full price).


May 31st  – June 16th 42.000 IKR (members) / 52.500 IKR (full price)

June 16th – August 1st 44.000 IKR (members) / 55.000 IKR (full price)

August 1st – August 15th 39.000 IKR (members) / 48.750 IKR (full price)

News built on an announcement from The Angling Club of Reykjavík

Picture/Nicholas Steedman with 66 cm brown trout from Laxá in Mýv.

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