Brown trout

Laxá in Mývatnssveit

The opening days in Laxá in Mývatnssveit ended this morning, and it can be said that fishing has started well in this renowned area. “The conditions are at their best,”

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Lake fishing

Fishing began in several lakes in April and early May. Here is a summary of the main ones: Fishing in Lake Vífilsstaðavatn began slowly, but by April 6, most of

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Opening day at river Litlaá!

Poor weather conditions and snow-blocked roads between Akureyri and Kelduhverfi delayed the arrival of the first anglers to the river on the opening day of April 1st. They didn’t get

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Gonna be a cold start! 

The angling season in Iceland starts on April 1st. It mainly focuses on sea trout fishing, but in some areas that will open, trout and char can be found. In

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Popular clusters of lakes 

Iceland has numerous clusters of lakes that are popular among a diverse group of anglers. Some groups develop a strong attachment to a specific area and often rebook it for

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Popular Lakes

At Veiðiheimar, one can find information about the main fishing lakes in Iceland. Several of these lakes are highly popular and sought after, particularly the ones that provide services and

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