Are price increases beyond tolerance?

Now it has come to the point that a good number of Icelandic anglers plan to reduce their fishing next summer and even abandon the group they have accompanied for years or decades. A survey was conducted among 50 typical Icelandic anglers. The aim of the sample was to find out the status of the average wage earner who enjoys fishing and puts a lot of effort into it. 

Men were in the majority and the result is quite clear. The classic angler is over- whelmed by price increases year after year, and those increases far beyond what inflation measures. They were asked whether they were going to fish the same number of days as last summer; if an increase or decrease – what’s the reason?

Not everyone who can afford to stand in the shoes of this angler

Of the 36 anglers that answered the survey, 17 are going to fish fewer days than last summer and another 10 say they expect to fish fewer days. All of them gave the reason that the price has risen so much that they can no longer afford it. 

Eight anglers’ answers that they would fish similar to last summer, even more. Only one answer was about an increase, and that angler gave the explanation “It’s a lifestyle and I just have to.” 

Many anglers also point out that at the same time fishing licenses have certainly been increasing, there have also been increases in accommodation and catering, and the number of rivers where it is mandatory to take a guide is increasing. When it all comes together, there are many who are forced to quit salmon fishing. Quite a few anglers plan to do more trout fishing. 

This is a small sample and hardly considered significant. Despite this result, demand is huge and most rivers are said to be sold out. However, it is still possible to get a fishing permit at a good time in some of the best rivers. Also, payment invoices are now arriving to anglers, and then it becomes clear whether the bookings will be successful. 

Has the moment of truth arrived? 

Top Picture/Sævar – Angler with a beauty from river Húseyjarkvísl

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