Fluctuations in the salmon fishing

So far, the salmon fishing season has been interesting and there are many positive signs. River Norðurá had a strong start and is now at the top with three hundred salmon in June. Possibly, in will reach a number over 2000 this summer. In river Straumfjarðará 31 salmon had been caught on July 1st but they were 18 on the same day last summer.  Many other rivers have similar results. In river Víðidalsá 50 salmon had been caught at the end of the month, but were only 18 at the same time last summer. River Blanda is better than last summer, with 69 salmon caught, but were 40 at the same time last summer. Few salmon have been caught in river Sogið, the first one was landed at the Alviðra beat. 

But in some rivers the fishing is not as strong as last year. Þverá&Kjarrá had only given 118 salmon on June 28th, but were 211 on the same day last summer. River Langá is similar like it was 2022 and 2021, with 37 salmon caught. River Miðfjarðará is not delivering as much as last summer, about 50 salmon at the end of last month, but were 68 last summer. The fishing in river Haffjarðará is a little bit slower now than last season. 

Here below is a list of the 10 rivers that are sitting at the top (from June 28th): 

Norðurá               246           (206)

Urriðafoss            225           (341)

Þverá/​Kjar­rá        118            (211)

Haffjarðará            93            (123)

Blanda                  69            (40)

Hítará                   53            (43)

Miðfjarðará            49            (68)

Víðidalsá               48             (16)

Eystri-Rangá         42            (13)

Stóra-Laxá            39             (54)

87 sentímetra hængur úr Bænhússtreng í Straumfjarðará. Veiðimaður er Svanhildur Vigfúsdóttir.

Adapted from a news report from MBL – Sporðaköst/Eggert Sk.