The fishing season has started

The fishing season begun in several Icelandic rivers in the last few days. The River Miðfjarðará gave three salmon on the first shift. Two of them came from the fishing spot Hornið in Miðfjarðará itself and one was landed at Kerafoss in Vesturá. 

In the River Laxá in Kjós, five salmon were landed on the first shift. Most of the fish was caught close to and below the  fishing spot Laxfoss. The biggest salmon was 80 cm but some grilse were caught, which gives good hopes for the continuation. 

In RIver East-Rangá no salmon was caught on the first shift, although anglers became aware of some. On the second shift, a salmon was caught by Alexander Magnússon in the fishing spot Bátsvað. It was a real beauty, 92 cm.   

River Grímsá was opened this morning and there four salmon were landed on the first shift. Two of them were Two-year-old salmon, but the other were grilse. Three salmon have been caught in River Blanda and a really big one managed to escape after 40 minutes of struggle.