Six River Project – new agreement for river Hofsá

The fishing club of Hofsá & Sunnudalsá and the current tenant, Six River Project (SRP), signed at the annual general meeting a new long-term lease agreement. It is for ten years with a possible extension for another five years. The meeting took place in the Angling lodge by Hofsá last Saturday. 

The current agreement is until 2023, but the new one includes e.g. a plan for the development of a new hunting lodge by Hofsá. 

The SRP is a company of the British investor, James Ratcliffe, and manages the annual areas that the company either owns or leases in the Northeast.SRP aim is to promote the conservation of salmon stocks in the area and to ensure the progress of salmon. It is pointed out on the company’s website that the Atlantic salmon is very vulnerable and is extinct in many countries where it was previously native.