Slow salmon fishing

The six salmon rivers that sit on the top in terms of catch numbers do all have significantly worse fishing than last summer. Recent fishing statistics on show this fact. However, there is better fishing in the Vopnafjörður rivers, Hofsá (151 last week)  and Selá (165 last week), which sit in seventh and ninth place. 

It is surprising that Norðurá only produced 35 salmon last week. The same week last year yielded 110 salmon. Even though the Rangá rivers are coming to life, they are far from their best. In West-Rangá the fishing is only half of what it was last year. Things are going better in Eystri-Rangá, but it still needs a lot to be similar to last year. In waterfall Urriðafoss, the catch is now 200 salmon less than it was last year. 

Stóra-Laxá has only 129 salmon caught this summer, but last summer the numbers were 340 at the same time. Also, the rivers Grímsá, Laxá in Kjós and Laxá in Dölum are all yielding poorer fishing than last year. 

However, some rivers yield better fishing than last year. River Laxá in Aðaldal is doing better now, with 229 salmon, but was 192 last summer. The same can be said about river Vatnsdalsá, with 148 now against 124 last summer. The river Skjálfandafljót is also doing very well, with 245 now against 178 on the 27th of July last summer. 

Below, are the highest statistics figures in salmon rivers from, which is the website of the National Association of Fishing Associations. In the first column is the total salmon fishing this summer. In column two is the total catch during last week. The last column (in brackets) shows the catch at the same time last summer.   

Þverá/​​Kjar­rá        668          128        (865)      

Ytri-Rangá og       618          272       (1182)

vest­urb. Hóls­ár 

Norðurá               588           35        (801)

Eystri-Rangá        583          232        (855)

Urriðafoss            563           55         (762)

Haffjarðará          447            90         (497)

Selá í Vopnafirði    438           165        (397)

Miðfjarðará           409           146         (452)

Hofsá                   383            151        (364)

Langá á Mýr­um     351            136        (525)

Picture/a nice salmon from River Jökla

Based on news fromðaköst