The salmon fishing does not live up to expectations

Many hoped that the fishing summer of 2022 would be a good year for grilse. It is now becoming clear that those expectations are not being met. Although there are more small salmon than last year, the number is far from what was hoped for. A considerable amount has been caught of quite small salmon, 50 – 58 cm, and even some smaller than 50 that are often called “micro salmon”. 

The fishing is decent though in most rivers. In the River West-Rangá, together with the West bank of Hólsa, 1707 (1059)* salmon have been caught. River East-Rangá is second on the list with 1322 (1292) salmon caught and then comes the River(s) Þverá/Kjarrá with 992 (883) salmon. In River Norðurá 930 (1030) salmon have been landed and the rivers that come next are Urriðafoss with 798 (790) salmon caught and Miðfjarðará with 675 (819) salmon caught.  

* the number in brackets is last year’s catch


Based on a news report from Sporðakást,