The salmon fishing season in Iceland

The Icelandic salmon season will start on June 1st when fishing begins in the waterfall Urriðafoss in Þjórsá. The well-known salmon river Norðurá will open on June 4th and then the others open one after the other. Below is a list of the main ones: 

River Blanda opens on June 5th 

River Þverá in Borgarfjörður opens on June 7th 

River Kjarrá opens on June 9th 

The rivers Miðfjarðará, Laxá in Kjós, East-Rangá and Hítará open on June 15th 

River Grímsá and river Laxá in Ásum open on June 17th

Langá opens on June 19th  

The rivers Víðidalsá, Vatnsdalsá, Laxá in Aðaldal, Elliðaár, Haukadalsá, Andakilsá and West Rangá will all open on June 20th 

River Laugardalsá and Hrútafjarðará open on June 21st 

River Sandá, Selá, Hofsá, Laxá in Dölum, Hafralónsá and Stóra-Laxá open on June 24th 

River Gljúfurá and Leirvogsá open on June 25th

River Jökla, Svalbarðsá, Korpa, Stóra-Laxá (upper section) open on June 27th 

River Miðfjarðará í Bakkafirði opens on June 30th 

River Þverá, Affall, Breiðdalsá and Flekkudalsá open on July 1st