Prime time for sea trout approaching

There have been reports of good sea trout fishing, but the best time is yet to come. Anglers who were fishing in river Eldvatn recently had nice days. Different from day to day, but up to fifteen fish days. Totally, the days 15th to 17th gave forty fish. Among them was one fish that was 88 cm in length and 46 cm in circumference. It was the angler Þorgeir Þorgeirsson who caught him by upstream nymphing.  

In river Tungulækur the fishing has been rather slow, but an 85-centimeter fish was caught there yesterday in the fishing spot Breiðan. There have been few good days in river Tungufljót and we heard about a group of anglers that had fifteen sea trout, six salmon and some char. Early August a 97 cm sea trout was caught in river Tungufljót which is the largest fish known to be caught in the sea trout fishing so far. These rivers are going to get stronger as the end of the month progresses and in September. 


News from – Sporðaköst