The biggest sea trout ever caught!

The biggest sea trout ever caught on a fly in Iceland was landed in the river Tungufljót, West-Skaftafellssýsla on October 15th. This is the third sea trout from the river that is over 100 cm in size. The fish was caught by Stefán P. Jones and measured 107 centimeters and was said to be just over 30 lbs. This is probably one of the largest sea trout ever caught on a fly in the world. 

Stefán was fishing in the river Tungufljót, with a strong wind from the north and clear sky as well, which are terrible conditions for sea trout fishing. However, at the fishing spot Búrhylur there was a shadow and with a help from the wind Stefán managed to get a decent cast and drift on the fly. Suddenly the line stopped and the “troll” was on. It took time and patience to land the fish as the leash was only 14 lbs on a line seven. Despite everything, it didn’t have much of a will to fight but was awfully heavy on the rod. 

Það var ekki auðvelt að ná góðri pósu með þennan …
Stefán had trouble getting a hold by the tail of the fish

The fly that this monster fish took is the popular Icelandic bead head nymph “Krókurinn”. Stefán was using it as a dropper, but the other fly was Copper John. When the fly was released from the fish, it was found to be badly bent, despite being made of specially reinforced material;  Hannock hea­vy wire. 

Pictures/Kristján Geir

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