Affall in Landeyjar

South Iceland
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Fishing season

01 July – 27 October


Baits allowed

Flies, Worms
Fishing rod

Maximum fishing rods

4 rods

Fishing limits

4 fish per rod/day




Family friendly, Easy access, Requires permission

Price range for fishing rods

For the full day

What can be fished


Due to connection with Markarfljót, River Affallið was previously very glacial, but after the loading of fortifications at Markarfljótsaurum, it has changed a lot for the better and the river is now as spring-fed river. Salmon is farmed in Affallið and about 700 – 800 salmon are caught there every year, many of which are big salmon. The best-known fishing spots are Kanastaðahylur # 60, the upper release pond, and # 10, which is the lower. In addition, sea trout have always entered the river and char are also found there to a limited extent. In 2020, 1728 salmon were caught in Affallið and the river had the third highest catch in the country.

Accommodation & Facilities

Fishing cabin

The fishing cabin is located at the farm Kross on the east side of Affallið. The facilities consist of 5 bedrooms for 8 people, a spacious living room and kitchen, a toilet and shower. Anglers may arrive an hour before the fishing starts, except after September 20th, when they should arrive at the start of fishing. Anglers need to bring their own bedding, but duvets are provided. A gas grill is available and a cooler for storing the catch. Tell the fishing supervision if something is missing or deficient in the fishing cabin. On the day of departure, anglers must stop fishing at noon.

Fishing rules

Four salmon per shift of 69 cm or less may be taken. Anglers must release salmon of 70 cm and over into chests. Before and after the fishing begins, anglers must go to the fishing lodge by Eystri Rangá, at beat 4. All catches are registered there in a fishing book.


Drive over Affallið on highway 1 and turn right or south when the bridge has been crossed. Road 253 is driven down to Gunnarshólmur social home, but instead of turning left to Bakki, drive straight south to the farm Kross, where the fishing cabin is on the left side of the driveway.

The fishing area spans about 20 km and has 77 marked fishing spots.

Map of the area

Services nearby

Nearest cities

The river is located just east of Hvolsvöllur and about 120 km away from Reykjavík

About the fishing license

[email protected] t. +354 793-7979


Morning shift

07:00 – 13:00

Evening shift

16:00 – 22:00


South Iceland

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