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Fishing season

01 April – 10 October


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Maximum fishing rods

3 rods

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Fishing cabin




Family friendly, Requires permission, Only 4×4 cars

Price range for fishing rods

For the full day
30000 ISK to 40000 ISK

What can be fished


River Brunná in Öxafjörður consists of three rivers: Gilsbakkaá, Tunguá and Smjörhólsá that flow from the mountain-range of Laufskálar and the area to the west. Tunguá and Smjörhólsá have their source west and south of mountain Hafrafell. The two rivers merge and create Smjörhólsárfossar. Brunná is a three-rod river that flows through an environment which is famous for its wildlife and landscape. It is best known for good sea-run char fishing and the char in Brunná can be very big- up to 2-3 kg. There are also big brown trout in the river and late summer anglers can expect to catch sea trout. Two or three days are fished at a time and usually all the rods are sold together. In the spring fishing two rods are sold, half day shift at a time. An average catch is about 250 fish annually

Accommodation & Facilities

Fishing cabin

The fishing cabin by River Brunná is named Hvirfilvellir. There is a sleeping space for 6 – 8 people in two bedrooms and in a good sleeping loft. In the house there is a toilet with a shower, a modern kitchen, dining room and living room. In the kitchen are all modern cooking utensils as well as tableware and in the living room there is a comfortable sofa, coffee table, TV, and a CD player with a radio. A spacious 120 m² terrace is by the house, with a good gas grill and garden furniture.

From Akureyri, drive east through Húsavík, pass Ásbyrgi and cross the bridge over Jökulsá á Fjöllum. There is 5.5 km of gravel road marked Hafrafellstunga – shortly after Víðilundur. Drive that road for about 1.5 km and turn right and then again to the right by the first off-road. After 200 m the fishing lodge should appear.


The fishing area is about 10 km with about 45 marked fishing spots. The lower section stretches from Smjörhólsárfossi and down to the sea. The upper section, which is a part of Brunná and Gilsbakkaá, stretches from the waterfall and up to the farm Gilshagi.

Fishing area description:

The waterfall Smjörhólárfoss is a short way above the farm Leifsstaðir. There are two very different fishing areas in the river. To get access to the upper section you drive up the road to the farm Hafrafellstunga. To access the lower fishing section of river Gilsbakkaá it is possible to drive an indistinct trail just west of the bridge over the river and to the north along it. To get to the top fishing spots, it is best to drive to Gilsbakki farm and walk from there down to the river. It is also possible to park the car by the house Klöpp, which is located just above the bridge over the river.

To get to the top fishing spots of the lower section the road to Öxarfjarðarheiði is taken and then the off-road to Leifsstaðir to that farm. From there, take a walk up to Smjörhólsárfoss, which is the top fishing spot in Brunná. That walk takes about 10 minutes. Walk through the farmyard and behind Leifsstaðir to find a footpath that lies through a grove right next to the house. The fishing spot Lækjardalshylur is on this path, just above the power station. This spot is best fished from the west side and to do that one has to wade over the river at the bottom of the break. Go carefully, because of the swift current and rocky bottom.

To get to the middle section of Brunná, which many consider one of the most fun areas of the river, use the same route as the route to the top area (towards Leifsstaðir). Just after driving over a cattle grid, turn right and go through a gate and follow a track to the river. Care must be taken not to go straight down to the river, but to turn right when the edge is reached and it is possible to see the river. That track follows the edge up to the confluence of the rivers Skeggjastaðará and Brunná.

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Kópasker: about 30 km, Húsavík: about 75 km, Akureyri: 150 km

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Akureyri airport: 150 km


Ásbyrgi: 16 km, Hljóðaklettar: about 30 km, Dettifoss: about 38 km

About the fishing license

Spring fishing – Iceland Fishing Guide, [email protected]

Summer – The Angling Club Hugdjarfir, Oddur Ingason t: +354 777-1600

Veiðitorg – Brunná



Morning shift

07:00 – 13:00

Evening shift

16:00 – 22:00


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