Eeastern Gíslholtsvatn

South Iceland
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Fishing season

20 April – 20 September


Baits allowed

Flies, Worms, Spinner

Fishing limits

No quota


Not available


Family friendly, Easy access, Requires permission

Price range for fishing rods

For the full day
1000 ISK to 1000 ISK

What can be fished


Gíslholtsvötn are in Holtshreppur, a short distance east of Þjórsá. There are two lakes in the area, the East and the West. Eystra Gíslholtsvatn is about 1.6 km² in area and at 65m above sea level. The maximum depth is about 8 m and the average depth about 2.5 m. There is a considerable amount of fish in the lake, some brown trout but especially char. The char is quite small but the brown trout can be rather big. Many who have cultivated the lake have achieved great success. There is a fairly even catch in the lake during the summer, but the brown trout usually bite/take particularly well in the first half of the summer.

Accommodation & Facilities



It is possible to camp by the eastern lake in consultation with the landowner

The facilities by the lake are absolutely exemplary, two areas where people can pitch tents or have caravans. Tidy outdoor toilets are in both places. Running water is readily available and you can get good information about respectable fishing spots and various information on the farm.


Fishing rules

People are kindly asked not to leave rubbish behind, and it is strictly forbidden to drive off-road. Holders of the Fishing Card are allowed to go straight down to the lake but must have the Fishing Card visible in a car window for the convenience of the fishing guard. Free movement of dogs is prohibited in the area. Children under the age of 14 fish for free accompanied by a cardholder. Fishing from boats is prohibited. Holders of the Fishing Card may only fish on the west side in the Eastern Lake, i.e., in the land of Gíslholt.


Holders of the Fishing Card may only fish on the west side in the Eastern lake, i.e. in Gíslholt’s land.

Services nearby

Nearest cities

Hella: 18 km, Selfoss: 35 km, Reykjavík: 92 km and Akureyri: 462 km

About the fishing license

The lake is a part of the Fishing Card

Bryndís Dyrving, Gíslholti t: (+354) 487-6553 & 847-5787


24 hours


South Iceland

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