Hlíðarvatn in Hnappadalur

West Iceland
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Fishing season

01 June – 31 August


Baits allowed

Flies, Worms, Spinner

Fishing limits

No quota


Not available


Family friendly, Easy access, Requires permission

Price range for fishing rods

For the full day
2000 ISK to 5000 ISK

What can be fished


Hlíðarvatn is a generous and popular fishing lake. The peculiarity of the lake is that the water level changes a lot during the summer and therefore also the fishing spots in the lava between months. The lake is just over 4 km² in area and the maximum depth is about 20m. It is at about 75 m above sea level. There are both Arctic char and brown trout in the lake and it is common knowledge that there are at least two varieties of char in the lake. The fish can be big and brown trout have been caught in the water around and over 50 cm as well as large char, although most of the fish are around and over the pound. Fly fishing, worms, and spinners work well, but care should be taken not to get stuck in the lava bottom on the west side of the lake. Hlíðarvatn is best fished in the first half of the summer, but the fishing is good throughout the summer. Ice fishing is also practiced in the lake during the winter.

Accommodation & Facilities

Fishing cabin

The Angling Club of Borgarness has a neat house by the lake called Jónsbúð that is for rent. The house can accommodate 6-7 people and there are nice facilities with a kitchen and toilet, but no electricity. The rental price of the house is ISK 7,000 a night on weekends and ISK 5,000 on weekdays. The house must be booked in advance at [email protected].


It is possible to camp by the lake free of charge if space allows, but tidy handling is required. There are sanitary facilities by the lake.

Fishing rules

Anglers may go directly to the fishing but must notify at 00-354 894-6679 / 00-354 435-6679 or come by at Hraunholt. They are kindly asked to have the Fishing Card with them to show the guard when he visits the anglers. People are also kindly asked to fill out a fishing report on the web and send it to [email protected]. Anglers are kindly requested to be tidy in the area and not leave rubbish behind.

It is not permitted to use boats on the lake


Drive into Snæfellsnes road by Borgarnes and from there turn into Heydalsvegur, a gravel road marked Búðardalur and drive along it for about 10 km and then the water is on the right.

Fishing is for the land of Hraunholt, which is the western part of the lake. Also, for the land of Heggstaðir and Hallkellstaðahlíð, where people pay for themselves.

About the fishing license

The lake is part of the Fishing card, but fishing licenses are also sold at the following farms:

Heggstaðir t: +354 863-5034 (2000 isk for a day rod)

Hraunholt t: +354 894-6679 (Fishing card or 3000 isk for a day rod)

Hallkelstaðahlið t: +454 435-6697 (5000 isk for a day rod)



24 hours


West Iceland

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