Hofsá í Vopnafirði

East Iceland
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Fishing season

25 June – 25 September


Baits allowed

Fishing rod

Maximum fishing rods

7 rods

Fishing limits

Catch & Release

Accomodation options

Angling lodge




Easy access, Requires permission, Only 4×4 cars

Price range for fishing rods

For the full day

What can be fished


River Hofsá in Vopnafjörður has its main source in the moorland south of Fossdalur. Into it flows the drainage of Sænautavatn, which is 67 km from the sea. Hofsá runs into Vopnafjörður close to the town. This is an ancient salmon river and those who visit once are usually very loyal to the river thereafter. Various rivers and streams flow into Hofsá and it is the largest river Sunnudalsá. There has always been some salmon fishing. The total catchment of Hofsá is 1100 m². It is fished for 2-3 days at a time. The average catch for the last 10 years is about 900 salmon.

Accommodation & Facilities

Angling lodge

By Teigur is a well-equipped fishing lodge, Árhvammur. Each rod comes with a double room with a bathroom. In the house there is a big lounge with a fireplace and next to it is a dining room with a good view of the river. Two fine meals and breakfast are served daily.


The fishing area is divided into 7 beats, about 30 km long and stretches up as far as an impassable waterfall

Services nearby

Nearest cities

Vopnafjörður: about 15 km, Egilsstaðir: 96 km and Akureyri: 211 km við Vaðlaheiðar-tunnel

Nearby airports

Eigilsstaðir airport: 94 km, Akureyri airport: 211 about Vaðlaheiðar-tunnel

About the fishing license


Gísli Ásgeirsson, [email protected] & Ingólfur Helgason, [email protected]


Morning shift

08:00 – 13:00

Evening shift

16:00 – 22:00


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