West Iceland
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Fishing season

10 February – 09 February


Baits allowed

Flies, Worms
Fishing rod

Maximum fishing rods

2 rods

Fishing limits

4 fish per rod/day

Accomodation options

Angling lodge


Not available


Family friendly, Easy access, Requires permission

Price range for fishing rods

For the full day
24000 ISK to 49500 ISK

What can be fished


Hörðudalur is the southernmost valley in Dalasýsla. River Hörðudalsá flows through it, but the valley splits into Vífilsdalur and Laugardalur. The valley runs south from Hvammsfjörður and the whole environment is especially beautiful. Hörðudalsá was an excellent Arctic char river and in a good summer over 1000 fish were caught there. However, in recent years, the char fishing has declined as in many other parts of the country. In recent years, eggs have been buried in Laugá and salmon have been transported to the non-fishable part of Hörðudalsá in consultation with fisheries scientists. These are factors in making the river sustainable. The salmon fishing has been considerable, ranging from around 20 up to about 120. Two days are sold at a time, from noon to noon.

Accommodation & Facilities

Angling lodge

At river Hörðudalsá there is a new fishing cabin, with three bedrooms each with a private bathroom. One room is closed while two rods fish the river. There are always four made up beds ready for each group of anglers. On the day of departure the cleaning of rooms starts at 10:00 a.m. Anglers can arrive at the cabin one hour before the fishing starts. A freezer is in the house and a sink, for cleaning fish, is outside. People are asked to take good care of the cabin and take all rubbish with them on departure. 

Fishing rules

Dogs and drones are banned by the river. It is not permitted to use ATVs or six-wheelers when driving along the river. All  gates that anglers need to open on their journey by the river need to be closed. Anglers are asked to record all catches clearly, take scale samples, put them in envelopes and label them conscientiously. 


The fishing area is all Hörðudalsá except for the protected area at the top of river Vífilsdalsá. Fishing is not permitted in Fjórðungssíki, Hundasíki, Köldukvísl and river Laugá. The area is 14 km and there are 36 marked fishing spots.

Services nearby

Nearest cities

Búðardalur: 20 km and Reykjavík 160 km

Nearby airports

Reykjavík airport: 165 km

About the fishing license

Niels S Olgeirsson t: +354-894 2194, seljaland.is  & [email protected]


Morning shift

07:00 – 13:00

Evening shift

16:00 – 22:00


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