Hraunsvatn in Öxnadalur

Northeast Iceland
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Fishing season

01 July – 15 September


Baits allowed

Flies, Worms, Spinner

Fishing limits

No quota


Not available


Family friendly, Only by foot

Price range for fishing rods

For the full day

What can be fished


Lake Hraunsvatn is located at the mouth of Vatnsdalur, which lies between Þverbrekkuhnjúkur and Drangafjall in Öxnadalur. It is at 492 m above sea level and is 0.8 km² in area. It is in the land of Hraun and Háls in Öxnadalur. Hraunsá flows from the lake for about 200 – 300 m before it disappears into the lava above the town Hraun. There is an enormous number of small char in the lake, barely larger than 1 pound. There are also predatory char, so there are two distinct char populations. The predator char can be big and fish up to 10 pounds have been caught. The downside, however, is that there seems to be very few of them and they take only spinners that are thrown far into the deep lake. The best time to fish the lake is the first part of July, because it takes longer for ice to dissolve and the biota to recover than in other lakes. From the town of Háls it is a 30-minute walk to the lake and this is a popular hiking trail, both for anglers and other outdoor enthusiasts.


Slightly lower and further south is the lake Þverbrekkuvatn. It is at 410 m above sea level and its estimated size is 0.10 km². There are a lot of small char that are good to eat. Most are 300 g to 1 pound, only a few reach larger sizes. A few years ago, brown trout fry was released in the lake and it will be interesting to see how they do. Up to Þverbrekkuvatn is about a 20-minute walk from Háls and it is best to park cars there with the kind permission of the landowners.

Fishing is permitted in the whole lake, also in Þverbrekkuvatn

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Nearest cities

Akureyri: 40 km, Húsavík: 115 km, Borgarnes: 275 km and Reykjavík: 354 km

About the fishing license

Fishing is allowed free of charge, but it is good to report to the farm Háls, Árni t: +354 462-6083 or Engimýri t: +354 462-7518



Northeast Iceland


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