Litlaá in Kelduhverfi

Northeast Iceland

Fishing season

01 April – 10 October


Baits allowed

Fishing rod

Maximum fishing rods

5 rods

Fishing limits

Catch & Release




Requires permission, SUVs only, Only 4×4 cars

Price range for fishing rods

For the full day
30000 ISK to 30000 ISK

What can be fished


Litlaá in Kelduhverfi is a spring-fed river, which originates from springs called Brunnar near the Keldunes farm. From 1976 it also has its source from Lake Skjálftavatn that formed during a landslide in the Krafla-fires. The water from Brunnar is unusually warm and blends with the colder water from Skjálftavatn, so the average temperature of the water in the river is 12° C. Under these conditions the growth rate of fish in Litlaá is rapid and the river’s trout population is therefore one of the largest in the country. In addition to sea trout and resident brown trout, some sea-run char are caught and it is also possible to catch salmon in Litlaá. The average catch in the river is about 1500 fish, but Skjálftavatn alone gives about 600 – 800 fish.

Accommodation & Facilities


Hotel Skúlagarður t: +354 465-2280,


Keldunes Guesthouse t. +354 465-2275, It is not necessary to drive to the highway to get to Litlaá from the guesthouse. In the house are 6 double bedrooms with made up beds, a cozy living room and a TV lounge. There is an option to buy ready-made meals. There is a hot tub on the terrace, just outside the guesthouse. Several individual cottages are also a part of the tourism services in Keldunes. 

Fishing rules

Fishing permits must be carried during the fishing and shownd to the fishing guard, if requested. Off-road driving is not permitted. All firearms are strictly prohibited. When two anglers are sharing a rod, they must be at the same fishing spot. If any of the above rules are violated, or unauthorized methods are used, it will result in immediate expulsion from the river, without refund. The fishing guard may inspect fishing gear and ensure that the rules are complied with. Anglers are asked to take good care of the river and not to throw rubbish on its banks. The angler is obliged to submit a fishing report after the fishing.


In total there are six fishing beats in the river. If all the rods are purchased, Lake Skjálftavatn is included.

Services nearby

Nearest cities

Húsavík: 52 km, Akureyri: 127 km via Vaðlaheiðar-tunnel

Nearby airports

Akureyri airport: 128 km via Vaðlaheiðar-tunnel


Hljóðaklettar: 25 km, Ásbyrgi: 14 km, waterfall Dettifoss (only 4×4 jeeps): 41 km

About the fishing license

Seyrur sf t: +354 465-2275, [email protected]


Morning shift

07:00 – 13:00

Evening shift

16:00 – 22:00


Northeast Iceland

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