South Iceland
Photo credit: Guðmundur H. Jónsson

Fishing season

15 May – 31 August


Baits allowed

Flies, Worms, Spinner

Fishing limits

No quota


Not available


Family friendly, Requires permission, SUVs only, Only by foot

Price range for fishing rods

For the full day
5000 ISK to 5000 ISK

What can be fished


Ljótipollur is in a crater north-east of Frostastaðavatn. Despite the name, the crater is very beautiful, and the environment is unlike any other. The lake is 570 m above sea level and has an area of 0.45 km². The maximum depth is 14 m, and the average depth is estimated to be around 8 m. Ljótipollur was long considered one of the best fishing lakes of Framvatna, but some people think it is too dull to receive that honor. There is only brown trout in the lake, most of it is about half a pound but the largest reach 5 pounds. The crater edges are steep, about 70-120 m high, and care should be taken when going down to it. It is well worth visiting Ljótipollur and often the fishing is good.

Accommodation & Facilities

Fishing rules

It is important that anglers return completed fishing reports to the cabin keeper in Landmannahellir (cave), or in a mailbox located at the crossroads, where you enter the road to the crater Ljótipollur.


Fishing is from the bank where the road leads to it, and it is only possible to go down into the crater at that side. It is easy to get to the lake by car, but a road leads from Frostastaðavatn and east and north to Sigölda

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Nearest cities

The distance from Reykjaví is about 185 km

About the fishing license

Skarð in Landsveit tel: (+354) 487-6525 & 487-1590 and at the fishing guard at Landmannalaugar.



24 hours


South Iceland

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