Southwest Iceland

Fishing season

19 April – 20 September


Baits allowed

Flies, Worms, Spinner

Fishing limits

No quota


Not available


For beginners, Family friendly, Accessibility for the disabled, Easy access, Requires permission

Price range for fishing rods

For the full day
9900 ISK to 9900 ISK

What can be fished


Lake Meðalfellsvatn in Kjós is about 2 km² in size and has a maximum depth pf about 18 m. It is 46 meters above sea level. The rivers Sandsá and Flekkudalsá run to it, and the River Bugða falls out of it into Laxá in Kjós. The catch is mostly small char, but also some brown trout, sea trout and salmon. Salmon often migrates up to Meðalfellsvatn and people have caught salmon there from the middle of summer until the end of the fishing season. There are a lot of small char in the lake, making it very suitable for children and families. Good fishing places in the spring are off Grástein and Skógar, under the southwest slope, as well as at the mouth of river Sandsá. As the summer progresses, the fishing is widespread on the lake and most places are equally good.

Accommodation & Facilities


Eyrarkot s: +354 692-3052,


Hjalli camping area s: +354 855-2219

Fishing rules

Note that the fishing area at the source of Bugða is monitored and if fishing gear is closer to the estuary than 50 meters, one can expect fines and confiscation of fishing gear. Careful handling of fish is a requirement, and it is forbidden to leave rubbish by the lake. All off-road driving is strictly prohibited, and will be reported to the police. Fishing license holders who cause environmental damage are liable to the landowner. Catch reports can be downloaded from the Fishing Card website and printed out. If a tagged fish is caught, it should be stated in the catch report.


Drive into Hvalfjörður just before reaching the Hvalfjörður tunnel. Then turn right and drive from Hvalfjörður on road no. 461 that leads to the lake.

Anglers may fish the whole lake except that it is forbidden to fish closer to the estuary of Bugða than 50 meters.

Services nearby

Nearest cities

Akranes: 32 km, Mosfellsbær: 34 km, Reykjavík: about 48 km and Reykjanesbær: 90 km


Coffee Kjós t. +354 566-8099

About the fishing license

The lake is a part of the Veiðikort



Southwest Iceland

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