Norðurá II – The mountain

Southwest Iceland
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Fishing season

06 July – 01 September


Baits allowed

Fishing rod

Maximum fishing rods

3 rods

Fishing limits

No quota

Accomodation options

Fishing cabin


Not available


Easy access, Requires permission

Price range for fishing rods

For the full day
42000 ISK to 75000 ISK

What can be fished


Norðurá in Borgarfjörður is considered, by many anglers, to be the best salmon river in Iceland, with an average catch of about 2000 salmon the last 10 years. The river runs from Holtavörðuvatni, about 62 km from the sea and it´s catchment area is about 518 km². Norðurá has about 170 marked fishing pools and their diversity is great; from medium size pools to big flats/runs. The fishing area offers everything one can imagine in a salmon river. In Norðurá there are three waterfalls, Laxfoss, Glanni and Króksfoss.

The upper part of Norðurá,The mountain”, has everything to offer for anglers who are thirsty for adventure in a beautiful but at the same time challenging nature. It’s possible both to walk on green grounds down in the plains and try out the heaths in the typical landscape there, with clumps and cliffs. The river is fascinating as it flows either calm or fast, and alternates between runs and flats, waterfalls and rapids/riffles. The hope for fishing is rich, not least as the summer progresses and autumn does not spoil the diverse autumn colors of nature.

Accommodation & Facilities

Fishing cabin

Skógarnef is a small and cozy fishing cabin in the land of Hvammur. In the house there are three bedrooms and a sleeping loft. The cabin is self catering and anglers bring there own food. On arrival the house is clean, the beds made up and clean towels. Anglers do not have to clean the house on departure, a man from the countryside does it. For that service anglers pay 10.000 in total. In the house there is a kitchenette, a small dining room and a lounge with cutlery and cooking utensils. The bathroom has a shower. Outside, there is a facility to prepare fish, freezer in an outdoor storage and a gas grill, benches and a table on the veranda. The house is situated in a bushy hillside, close to road nr. 1. Right at the entrance there are keys in a lock box.

Fishing rules

All salmon 70 cm and larger must be released. The quota depends on the decision of the fishing club of Norðurá at any given time


The fishing area varies somewhat during the fishing season. June 5 to July 6 (noon) it extends from Engjanefi to and including Kálfhylsbrot. From July 6 (second shift) until September 1. (noon) is the fishing area from Símastreng and up to the bridge at Fornahvamm.

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Nearest cities

Borgarnes: 26 km, Reykjavík: 100 km, Keflavík: 142 km and Akureyri: 288 km

Nearby airports

Keflavík airport: 143 km and Reykjavík airport: 102 km

About the fishing license

Rafn Valur Alfreðsson t: +354 824-6460, [email protected]


Morning shift

08:00 – 13:00

Evening shift

16:00 – 22:00


Southwest Iceland

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