Northwest Iceland

Fishing season

15 June – 15 September


Baits allowed

Flies, Worms, Spinner

Fishing limits

No quota


Not available


Family friendly, Requires permission, Only 4×4 cars, Only by foot

Price range for fishing rods

For the full day
8000 ISK to 8000 ISK

What can be fished


Lake Réttarvatn in Arnarvatnsheiði is on the border of V.-Húnavatnssýsla and Mýrarsýsla, although mostly in the former. Its size is 2.1 km², maximum depth is 2 meter and it is at about 550 m above sea level. From it, river Skammá falls in a waterfall to Arnarvatn stóra. There are a lot of good fish in Réttarvatn, mostly Arctic char but some brown trout. Unlike the reputation of Arnarvatn stóra, the road to Réttarvatn is bad. The reason for this is the lack of roads from Arnarvatni stóra, as well as from Borgarfjörður and Stórasand. Anglers should not embark on this trip except in well-equipped 4-wheel drive vehicles with tires no smaller than 38” in size. From Arnarvatn stóra it is no than 10 km to Réttarvatn, but it takes about an hour to drive this way from the huts.

Accommodation & Facilities

Fishing cabin

It is possible to rent accommodation in several cabins. The cabins have heating, running water, cooking facilities, dishes, glasses, and cutlery. Also a dining table, light from a solar panel and a grill. The toilet is right next to the cabins. Arrival and departure time is based on noon.

Large cabin: 3900 ISK per person/per day

Four-person house: 15.000 ISK for 24 hours

Dísarbúð: 24.500 ISK for 24 hours (accommodates 7 people)

New House: The north hall is 35.000 ISK for 24 hours, but a room is 8000 ISK

Booking: Rafn Ben t. +354 892-7576, rafnben@simnet.is


Booking: Rafn Ben. t: +354 8927576, [email protected]


It is permitted to fish in the entire lake, and it is exciting to try river Skammá that flows from it

Services nearby

Nearest cities

Hvammstangi: 70 km, Akureyri: 260 km, Borgarnes: 172 km, Reykjavík: 247 km and Reykjanesbær: 288 km – Distances to Arnarvatn Stóra, but then there is a two-hour walk or an hour’s drive to Réttarvatn. Only passible by large 4-wheel drive cars (38´ tires)

About the fishing license

Rafn Ben. t: +354 8927576, [email protected] & Theódór t: (+3549 451-2950 & 852-0951


24 hours


Northwest Iceland

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