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River Eyjafjarðará has its source on the edge of the highlands south of Eyjafjörður and in the mountains around Eyjafjarðardalur. The river is a rain fed river with a 1300 sq.km catchment and flows through the valley about 70 km distance to the estuary in the Pollurinn near Akureyri. It is fishable for about 60 km, all the way to Brúsahvammur 450 meters above sea level. There are many tributaries that flow into Eyjafjarðará and all together they are fishable for about 24 km. In the upper beats of the river and many of the tributaries, char is dominant. Often, the first char are migrating around the middle of July, but the main migration is in the first part of August. A lot of immature char migrate into the lower beats in September. There are resident brown trout and sea trout in the lower beats, and they are often huge – up to 90 cm. The resident brown trout are caught all season but the sea trout are caught in the spring and in August and September.

Fishing rules

Fishing in the tributaries of river Eyjafjarðará is now permitted again, except that fishing will continue to be prohibited in Torfufellsá above the bridge. For beat 5, fishing licenses are sold from 20 July to 31 August. Fishing is not permitted above the sign by Tjaldbakki. All catches must be recorded into an electronic logbook at eyjafjardara.is. ANGLERS NOTE: Do not drive on uncultivated fields, close all gates, and respect the environment.

Permitted baits: On beats 0 & 1 fly & spinners. On beats 2, 3, 4, and 5 only fly fishing. In the spring only fly fishing is permitted.

Quota: in the spring fishing all fish must be released. On beats 3, 4 and 5 all char must be released, but it is permitted to take one char under 50 cm, per rod/ per shift on beats 0, 1 and 2. It is permitted to take two brown trout/sea trout under 60 cm per rod/ per shift on all the beats.


The fishing beats in Eyjafjarðará are six in total and therefore many to choose from. A map of them can be accessed below:

Beat 0 Beat 1 Beat 2

Beat 3 Beat 4 Beat 5

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Guidance: please contact Högni Harðarson in t: +354 899-9851


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