Skjálfandafljót – Trout area

Northeast Iceland
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Fishing season

18 June – 15 September


Baits allowed

Flies, Worms, Spinner
Fishing rod

Maximum fishing rods

10 rods

Fishing limits

No quota


Not available


Family friendly, Easy access, Requires permission, SUVs only

Price range for fishing rods

For the full day

What can be fished


River Skjálfandafljót has its source in Vonarskarð between the glaciers Vatnajökull & Tungufellsjökull and it enters the sea in Skjálfandi. Considerable numbers of sea-run char migrate into Skjálfandafljót where there are four trout beats. The best known of these is undoubtedly the Vesturbakki Ós-Brú. This beat has a lot of fresh water from the Kinnarfjöll mountains. The main fishing areas are at the confluence of the freshwater rivers and Skjálfandafljót. These include the confluence of Skjálfandafljót and Leikskálarár and also Bjargarhylji. Austurbakki Ós-Brú is not as well known, but there is often good fishing in Kvíslin, which flows into the river. Also, there is sometimes good fishing where water comes from the lava of Aðaldalshraun and flows into Skjálfandafljót. Not yet mentioned, there are two beats above the bridge and there is a slight chance of salmon. The east bank is Vaðseyja, the west bank is Brú-Fellsendaskógur.


The East bank Ós-Brú: From the highway bridge on the east side down to the estuary. The West bank Ós-Brú: From the highway bridge to the estuary. The East bank (Vaðseyja): From the fishing spot Seniver and down to the highway bridge. The West Bank (Brú-Fellsendaskógur):From the fishing sport Votaklöpp down to the highway bridge

The East bank Ós-Brú

Fished with 3 rods and the main fishing areas are at the confluences and sandbanks. This is a large section and largely unexplored. Therefore, anglers are encouraged to try many places.

The East bank Ós-Brú

This beat is also fished with 3 rods and is a better-known area than the east-bank. Several freshwater rivers flow into Skjálfandafljót and there is often good fishing where clear water flows into the glacial water, for example at the mouth of Rangá, Leikskálaá and Nípá. A logbook can be found in the dairy house at Vaði 2.

The East bank (Vaðseyja)

This section is above the highway and is very varied. The river runs over sands and therefore the area changes considerably from year to year. It is necessary to explore far and wide, try by islands and tributaries where new fishing grounds can form between years. The best chance of salmon is near Vaðseyja and Börð;Southern & Outer, but trout can be found in many places. Other fishing areas worth trying are Seniver and Miðbakki. Two rods are allowed in this section.

West-Bank (Brú-Fellsendaskógur):

There is the chance of a salmon in this section, but less chance than on the east bank. Considerable changes in the river can also happen in this area from year to year although the main fishing areas seem to keep their structure. These include Skógarpoll, Skriðuhorn, Girðingarhorn and Meleyrarpoll. There are 2 rods allowed in this section.

About the fishing license

Skjálftar sf.

tel: +354 693-1916, [email protected]


24 hours


Northeast Iceland

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