Vatnsdalsá in Barðaströnd

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Fishing season

01 July – 16 September


Baits allowed

Fishing rod

Maximum fishing rods

2 rods

Fishing limits

1 fish per rod/day

Accomodation options

Angling lodge


Not available


Easy access, Requires permission, SUVs only

Price range for fishing rods

For the full day
25000 ISK to 25000 ISK

What can be fished


Vatnsdalsá is the largest river in the south of Westfjords and it never dries, even in the driest of summers. For a long time, anglers have focused on the lower part of the river as the only fishing area, although it’s only 700 m in length with all bends and curves. Vatnsdalsá is a late summer river so salmon start to migrate in early July, but that’s when the big fish are caught. Arctic char (sea-run char) are caught both in the upper and lower part of the river all summer. The salmon don’t migrate into the upper river until August, but it depends on the meteorological cycle. Arctic char catches are commonly 5-7 char per rod/per day. Fishing permits are sold in 2 – 3 day slots and both rods are always sold together.

Accommodation & Facilities

Angling lodge

Access to a fishing cabin is included in the permits for Vatnsdalsá; about 20 square meter log cabin for 4 people. The fishing cabin Stöng is located on so-called Pennunes by Hotel Flókalundur. It’s equipped with 12watt electric lighting, gas heating and gas stove. Cold running water and a WC is in the cabin. Anglers need to bring their own sheets. The keys for the fishing cabin and a logbook can be found with Jóhann in Brjánslæk, about 6 km from the cabin. People can arrive at the cabin after 14:00 on the first day of fishing but need to leave the house before 13:00 on the last day.

Fishing rules

Each rod is allowed to take one male fish, no longer than 70 cm per day

Vatnsdalsá and Vatnsdalsvatn are within the nature reserve of Vatnsfjörður. Anglers need to follow all instructions from the ranger and all rules governing the protected area. They are asked not to drive on unpaved roads/paths except with the permission of the landowners. Also, anglers are asked to show landowners and other anglers respect, be tidy and not to leave any rubbish by the river.


The fishing area extends from the canyons in the upper part of the river, down to the lake, and from the outflow of the lake into the lower part of river and to the estuary.

Services nearby

Nearest cities

Bíldudalur: 47 km, Patreksfjörður: 66 km, Ísafjörður: 93 km, Borgarnes: 254 km, Akureyri: 448 km and Reykjavík: 330


Látrar Canyon/Cliffs: 95 km

Other services

The Flateyjar ferry to Brjánslækur: 8 km

About the fishing license

Iceland Salmon Fishing t: (+354) 666-9555 & 697-6556,  [email protected]


Morning shift

08:00 – 13:00

Evening shift

15:00 – 22:00



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