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Veiðiheimar is 2 years old

At the end of last month, Veiðiheimar turned 2 years old. The user value of the website has certainly proven itself and the number of visits is increasing day by

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Lake Summary

If you are a tourist in Iceland and are interested in exploring lake fishing, there are various options available. There are many lakes in Iceland and many of them are

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Summary of Southern Iceland

Previously, a summary of spring fishing in several rivers in Northern Iceland was published. Below is a summary of openings and fishing in several rivers in Southern Iceland.  River Tungulækur

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The Icelandic Fishing Card 

The Icelandic Fishing Card, which has gained great popularity among anglers, is now published for the eighteenth time. The price has not changed between years and it is the third

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What a great experience and pleasure, a group of anglers had with (Iceland Fishing Guide) icefishing at Langavatn in Reykjahverfi last weekend. Totally, seventeen good fish were caught, mostly

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