The most searched fishing pages!

Veiðiheimar has conducted a new comparison of the most frequently searched information pages for fishing areas during the past three months. Lately the website has experienced a significant increase in

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Veiðiheimar is 2 years old

At the end of last month, Veiðiheimar turned 2 years old. The user value of the website has certainly proven itself and the number of visits is increasing day by

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The warmest November ever

The mild weather in November was incredible, and the amount of snow in the mountains has rarely been less at this time of year. The highest average temperature was 7.3°c

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Krafla – New webpage

Krafla, which is known for selling Echo fishing products, recently launched a new and elegant website, The Echo fly rods have attracted a lot of attention and seem cheap

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Veiðitorg – fishing permits

Veiðitorg has been operating for several years. It offers cost effective fishing pemits for rivers in many parts of Iceland In the Northeast Iceland, Veiðitorg offers permits in rivers like

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