Lax úr Þverá

The salmon fishing does not live up to expectations

Many hoped that the fishing summer of 2022 would be a good year for grilse. It is now becoming clear that those expectations are not being met. Although there are more small salmon than last year, the number is far from what was hoped for. A considerable amount has been caught of quite small salmon, 50 – 58 cm, and even some smaller than 50 that are often called “micro salmon”. 

The fishing is decent though in most rivers. In the River West-Rangá, together with the West bank of Hólsa, 1707 (1059)* salmon have been caught. River East-Rangá is second on the list with 1322 (1292) salmon caught and then comes the River(s) Þverá/Kjarrá with 992 (883) salmon. In River Norðurá 930 (1030) salmon have been landed and the rivers that come next are Urriðafoss with 798 (790) salmon caught and Miðfjarðará with 675 (819) salmon caught.  

* the number in brackets is last year’s catch


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Hofsá góð

Better start in river Hofsá

The salmon  rivers in Vopnafjörður are doing well. Especially, river Hofsá has been giving good catches and significantly more than last summer. The last group of anglers that fished the river landed 76 salmon in three days. If this continues, it should be able to exceed well over 1000 salmon. The smaller salmon “grilse” returned in the last big tide and the bigger salmon is partially mixed. Yesterday eve, 190 salmon had been caught in river Hofsá, but they were 155 the same day last season.  


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Réttarstrengur í Hrútu

Giant salmon from river Hrútafjarðará

A 102 cm salmon was caught yesterday in river Hrútafjarðará. The angler, Oddur Rúnar, landed this beautiful male fish at the fishing spot Rétterstrengur. It was his second one, but shortly before he got the first salmon of his life, which was 60 cm. Both fish were caught on a Red Frances with a cone. 

Picture/Oddur Rúnar with the big salmon from Réttarstrengur

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31. árið hjá Óðflugum í Straumunum – gekk frábærlega

A great fishing trip

Group of women, who call themselves “‘Óðflugur”,  did really good fishing in Straumar. Only 10 salmon had been caught when they arrived at the fishing beat. Óðflugur managed to land 20 salmon and 8 sea trout in a two day fishing trip. One of the anglers, in her nineties, did not give in to the others and landed a few fish. 

Picture/Vigdís Ólafsdóttir

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Steini með stóran

Salmon catch statistics

The latest catch statistics show that the salmon fishing is now gaining strength in most rivers this summer. River Flókadalsá draws special attention, but from 18th – 30th of June,  87 salmon were caught there on only three rods. Not unlike fishing as in the summer of 2013 when there was a record fishing in the river. 

River Norðurá is similar to last summer with 206 salmon caught in the period of June 6th – 30th. River Haffjarðará is doing well with 123 salmon caught, but they were 92 at the same time last summer. In River Miðfjarðará 68 salmon had been landed on the 30th of June, but last summer they were 65. River Laxá in Kjós is much better with 58 salmon on June 30th, but they were only 35 at the same time last year  

The rivers Grímsá, West-Rangá and Stóra-Laxá were all registered with 54 salmon caught on the 30th of June. Only 16 salmon had been caught at the same time last summer in river Grímsá and only 10 salmon in river West Rangá. 

River Hítará had 43 salmon caught, river Blanda 40, Laxá in Aðaldal 36, river Langá 32 and Víðidalsá 30. 


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Iða gaf

Fun at Iða

The ancient fishing area Iða really started well, but 18 salmon were landed there on the first day. What makes this more interesting is that there is only fishing on 3 rods. The salmon caught ranged from 66 to 92 cm and were all released. However, there is no obligation to release salmon on Iða. The flies which worked were e.g. Monkey Sunray, Black Frances and Bísmó (a Sunray variation). 

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A decent start in the northeast

In a cold weather and difficult conditions, few well-known salmon rivers were opened last week in the northeast part of Iceland. Six salmon were caught in river Selá and four in river Hofsá. In river Selá, all the salmon were two sea winter fish and were caught e.g. in Fosshyl and Efri Sundlaugarhyl. One of the salmon that were caught in river Hofsá was a grilse and came ashore in Hvammshylur. 

In the river Hafralónsá, six salmon were caught on the first day. As often before, the fishing spots Gústi and Stapi were good that first day.

Picture/Elli Steinar

Árni í Norðurá

Fair fishing in river Norðurá

The fishing is improving in the river Norðurá. Yesterday, 47 salmon had been caught and it seems that fish came with the last big current. About 40 – 50 salmon were seen migrating up river at the waterfall Laxfoss. Truly enjoyable and gives good hope for those who visit the river in the next few days.  

Picture/Árni Friðleifsson with a fish from river Norðurá

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