The salmon fishing season

The salmon fishing season is well underway and now the time has come when the big male fish start to get restless. It is often the case that the biggest

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Popular flies

Despite considerable development in fly design and the use of new models, the good old ones seem to hold their place on the list of the most used in Iceland.

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Better start in river Hofsá

The salmon  rivers in Vopnafjörður are doing well. Especially, river Hofsá has been giving good catches and significantly more than last summer. The last group of anglers that fished the

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A great fishing trip

Group of women, who call themselves “‘Óðflugur”,  did really good fishing in Straumar. Only 10 salmon had been caught when they arrived at the fishing beat. Óðflugur managed to land

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A decent start in the northeast

In a cold weather and difficult conditions, few well-known salmon rivers were opened last week in the northeast part of Iceland. Six salmon were caught in river Selá and four in

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A good start in River Jökla

The first day in River Jökla gave 9 salmon and other five managed to free themselves after a good fight. The fishing spot “Hólaflúð” was very productive, but six of these

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