The most searched fishing areas at Veiðiheimar

Veiðiheimar conducted a comparison of the most frequently searched information pages for fishing areas during the summer and the past three months. The website has experienced a significant increase in visits, surpassing 300,000. There are three to five times more users in the spring and summer compared to the autumn and winter seasons.

Here is a list of the top 10 fishing areas that were most popular in searches during the summer:

  1. Lake Apavatn 
  2. River Laxá in Aðaldal
  3. River Hólaá – Útey 
  4. River Brúará 
  5. River Hítará 
  6. River Þverá & Kjarrá 
  7. Ysta-Vík ponds
  8. Lake Skorradalsvatn 
  9. River Skogá 
  10. Lake Elliaðvatn 
Angler fishing the river Skóga with the beautiful Skógarfoss behind

Here is a list of the fishing areas that have received the most searches in the last 3 months:

  1. River Skógá 
  2. River West-Rangá 
  3. River Laxá in Aðaldal 
  4. River Hítará 
  5. River Víðidalsá & Fitjaá
  6. River Eldvatn in Meðallandi 
  7. River Þverá and Kjarrá 
  8. River Laxá in Kjós 
  9. River Stóra Laxá 
  10.  River Selá in Vopnafjörður 

Based on this result, it is evident that during the summer, the majority of users are family members and anglers who prefer more affordable fishing spots. Lake Apavatn, River Hólaá-Útey, River Brúará, Ýsta-Vík ponds, Lake Skorradalsvatn, and Lake Elliðavatn are all areas that support this observation. All of these locations are considered family-friendly, except for Brúará, which is known to be quite challenging but still popular among anglers who enjoy upstream fishing.

Last summer, the most popular river in search for salmon fishing was Laxá in Aðaldal. This river, which was once considered the “queen” of salmon fishing, has regained attention after several disappointing summers. The rivers Hítará and Þverá & Kjarrá are also popular among both Icelandic and foreign anglers. These rivers are usually fully booked well in advance of the summer season, so anglers may be more interested in obtaining accurate information about the area rather than seeking available fishing days at this time.

There has been a growing interest in fishing at River Skóga due to the affordable fishing licenses offered there. It used to be possible to secure last-minute fishing days, but it is now common for the prime time slots to be sold out well in advance of the summer season. Over the past three months, river Skóga has garnered the most users attention. This river provides an opportunity for salmon fishing in a stunning environment. Additionally, it boasts one of the country’s most renowned and picturesque waterfalls, Skógarfoss.

During the past three months, the rivers Laxa in Adaldal, Hítará, and Þverá & Kjarrá have garnered significant attention from users, much like in the summer. Interestingly, all of the rivers that were most searched for by users in the last three months are renowned for salmon fishing, with the exception of River Eldvatn, which is known for its excellent sea trout fishing.

Image 1 – An angler fishing the River Skogá, with waterfall Skógarfoss in the back. Image 2 – River Hítará. Image 3 – Anglers with big sea trout from river Eldvatn

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