Flies for the char rivers in Eyjafjörður

In Eyjajförður, close to Akureyri the biggest town in the northern part of Iceland, are several well-known sea char rivers. It is worth mentioning Eyjafjarðará, Ólafsfjarðará, Svarfaðardalsá and Hörgá. What the rivers have in common is that in almost all of them the same flies catch the most fish. In a sample, showing the 14 most used flies in rivers in Eyjafjörður over the years 2008 – 2020, the use of streamers is noticeable. This is probably because they are more used in glacial rivers, like Hörgá and Svarfaðardalsá. Below are the 8 most used flies, and they are probably also popular in other sea char rivers.

Krókur – 1109 char
Red Stirða – 925 char
Phesant Tail – 781 char
Nobbler 512 – char
Heimasæta – 271 char
Bleik & Blá – 266 char
Mýsla – 184 char
Bloodworm – 147 char